Folk Music for all

We had a smashing day. Eleven of us set out at 10:00am on a mountain expedition. One that Bear Grylls would have been proud of. Jim says it was 6 miles over paths and canal walkways. Had I realised we were to set out on a survival trek I'd have though better of it.

Seriously, the walk was good. A little soft underfoot in places and a few wee climbs. I found the climb up to Bishop's Park had puffed me oot a bit more than I'd thought. Anyway I managed to hang on and complete the walk some 5 hours later. As promised I went straight home to a hot bubbly bath, my blue Duck and a big glass of wine.


The rain stayed away, the views from the top were terrific and we could see all the way to Liverpool Cathedral at one point. We look forward to more of you joining us next time.