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I tried to get inside Stanley's head and glean some information for this months 'Spotlight on a local artist'. 

You'd not be surprised to find that all I found was a 12" x 12" piece of bubble wrap with all the 'Pops' popped except for one. This was all encased in half a pound of squidgy foam figure of eight packaging thingy's (the pink anti static kind) and just about nout else except that there was a whole load of words and sentences inside there but I couldn't make them out as they were all 'Jumped Lub' 

Having given up hope of finding anything useful inside Stans head I decided to ask  my friend Rupert if he knew of anyone good with phones, perhaps a source or a way of gaining information. Fortunately he had one or two in mind and suggested that I hack my way around the information that he'd forward to me. (Told you you shouldn't have posted your number on your web site Stanley)

Stanley made his first Cross Keys guest appearance on 11 June 1980, just 7 months into his now 32+ year career in the folk music world. 

He was paid the pot collection of £11 and immediately bought a yacht on the Huddersfield Canal. 

Since then, he has appeared as guest a total of 35 times.  'Editors Note: Wots 35 x £11 ?'

For much of the 90's and noughties his annual gig was the Christmas one. So, in a career that has seen him travel all over UK and sometimes beyond, playing at the Cross Keys has been a "home fixture". 

Stanley has also appeared in his various bands - Melvin and the Volcanos (doing 60's pop covers) and Doc Harvey and the Philistans (re-discovering the lost songs of Lancashire) 

Stanley writes and performs a bewildering collection of material, most of it silly, some not and nearly always topical or relevant to something current. 

The Saddleworth area itself has sometimes been the inspiration for songs and the Cross Keys gets an occasional mention. He also likes to call in to see other performers from time to time (as he lives just over the hill in Shaw) and reckons he is lucky to have such a regular and pleasant venue to see local, national and international acts.

And there's more:

Numerous Cassettes going back to 1981 starting off with 'Sick as a Parrot' right up to Stanleys most recent CD entitled 'Into Administartion' can all be obtained at his website  Click on Stans photo to get there.

Stanleys Anagrams

Stanley has long been a keen anagrammatist, a hobby developed by the need to undertake long rail journeys for the day-job where reading and writing are in cramped conditions.

In 1987, his entry to Private Eye was published, netting a £5 prize. (Norman Tebbit = Tom Bentbrain). This makes him a professional.

Stanley likes to anagrammise his playing venues and those he meets – to spooky effect – as well as aiming at obvious targets.

You can find more here but I wont be held responsible for anything that you may encounter.