Folk Music for all

3rd May

Kevin Tarpey

Kevin Tarpey is a first class musician and singer with a great repertoire of songs and tunes which he plays on guitar and octave mandola.

He sings a wide variety of songs in all styles, and as organiser of Prestwich Folk Club and resident singer he certainly knows his stuff.

Kevin is a popular character in the local folk clubs so we will be in for a busy night.

10th May

Kieran halpin

Halpin’s songs cover every conceivable subject from love, loss and celebration, to the more global concerns that face all of us today and is often described as a modern protest song writer. He is never afraid to tackle topics that will provoke opinion and debate. If you are a fan of lyrics – then this concert is for you.
But whilst his albums are always something to look forward to it is live on stage where Halpin makes his mark. He is at once powerful and passionate, intimate and intense. He has managed to marry his intelligent and thought provoking lyrics with great melodies and has developed over the years into a writer with a unique style. All this is underscored by an incisive wit in his introductions which helps an audience understand where the song comes from and hint at where it might be going.
Halpin is equally at home playing to a small folk club audience and a large festival crowd. He is also one of the hardest touring musicians on the scene today with upwards of 160 shows per year all over the world.

17th May

Geoff higginbottom

Geoff is a fine singer/songwriter and is always a popular guest, Geoff as been playing at the club each year for as long as I can remember.

He has a great repertoire of songs both contempory and traditional something for everyones taste.

Should be a busy night


Tom McConville and Andy Watt

“A great musician with a lovely flowing style, beautiful tone and faultless technique and is regarded by many as one of the finest fiddle players in the British Isles”

Tom’s musical journey started in the North East folk clubs in the early 70s. Newcastle’s thriving Irish scene provided the opportunity, with his first band, to support Sean McGuire, John Doonan, The Fureys, Boys of the Lough and even a lock-in with The Dubliners. Tom still credits the legendary Sean McGuire, the fiddle genius from Belfast, for teaching him his bowing techniques.

31st May